Wednesday, October 14, 2015

That sweet smell of formaldehyde can only mean one thing -it's anatomy season again!! The musculoskeletal/anatomy block is tough - a lot of information and not a lot of time to learn it! It can be overwhelming.....

But fear not!! While this block is heavy on information and requires a lot of time with books and in the lab, SMRT wanted to share some of our favorite apps that may help with mastering the content!

Essential Anatomy 5
Devices: iPad (Older version available for Android tablets)
Cost: $25.00

You can peel back layers of the body -- muscles, arteries, veins, nerves, lymph -- and isolate the structures. There is even a testing function. The best part is that you can view/rotate all 360 degrees!

Netters Anatomy Atlas

Device: iPad
Cost: $89.99

"Netters anatomy atlas for the iPad was my favorite app. There are a lot of options such as a self quiz setting that I found really helpful. I would rather have the digital one rather than the paper format." --

--SMRT Officer Taylor Montoya, MSII

Thieme Anatomy on the Go 2.0
Devices: iPad/iPhone
Cost: Free-ish

Most people have a preference for an Anatomy Atlas for the duration of Anatomy. If you are a fan of the Thieme Atlas of Anatomy, you may want to try out their flashcard app. The images are directly from the Atlas and there is a quiz function to help you practice!! The main app is free with some notecards included, but additional sections will cost a bit. This is a great tool to invest in if you us Thieme in the Lab!


These are just a few of the many apps on the market!! Do you have any that you'd like to share with other students? Please share in the comments!!

-Mike W.


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