Friday, May 1, 2015

This is a step by step tutorial of how to setup Citrix Receiver on the iPad to connect to powerchart.

Note: You will have to set up the connection twice, one profile for on campus and one profile for off campus.

Estimated time to complete: 15 minutes

1. Download and install  the “Citrix Receiver” app from the app store

2. You will now set up the profile for Off-Campus use. If you are setting this up from UNMH, make sure you are on the “HSC_Guest” network. To do this, go to Settings and look for Wi-Fi.

3. Open the Citrix Receiver app

4.  Click on Add Account

5. type in and then MINIMIZE THE KEYBOARD

6. With the keyboard minimized, click on OPTIONS

7. Click on Manual Setup

8. Enter “Off-Campus” for the Description. Check “Access Gateway”.  Scroll down and  check “Enterprise Edition”.  Enter username and password. Domain is “Health”

9. It should now log in and display “Add your favorite apps”

10. Click the + and add 1-Powerchart. You don’t have to add the other powercharts since that feature is for the public computers which may have more than one user.

11. It will now add it to your home screen like below

12. Scroll down to the PACS folder and add iSite Enterprise. Minimize the toolbar.

13. If you click on the powerchart icon, it should load.

14. If you see the blue login screen then you are finished.

15.  Setup for off campus use is complete. We will setup Powerchart for on campus use. Now assume you are on campus and are connected to the HSC_Secure wifi.

16.  If you try to click on the powerchart icon, it will give you an error

17. The problem is that the profile only works if you are off campus. You will need to create a new profile for on campus use. Add a new account by clicking the man icon on the right top of the screen and then clicking “+”

18. Type in in the address box. Minimize the keyboard and click on Manual Setup.

19.  In the Description, type in “On Campus” signifying you will be on campus when accessing this profile. Click on Access Gateway, Enterprise Edition, and type in your username and password with Health as the domain.

20. Repeat steps 9-14 to add the Powerchart and iSite icons to this profile and to check if the On Campus profile works.

21. When you are finished, you will have two profiles, one for off campus use and another for one campus. If you get an error, switch profiles by clicking on the man icon.

This concludes the tutorial. Happy Powercharting.



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