Monday, May 25, 2015

Bottom line: Setting up your device to show the One45 calendar is pretty simple, as long as you know which calendar links to choose! (Hint: it's Academic Half Day AND Curriculum)

Long version:

Now that the rotations are getting down with using One45, many people want to have the One45 calendars automatically update on their devices. This is actually pretty easy! Here are the steps:

-Log in to One45
-Choose "Manage Calendar Feeds" on the bottom left of the menu bar
-Scroll down and choose your device to see the instructions (they have them for Google, Android,  Apple, iOS, and Outlook)

But which links from that page do you use? From trial and error, it appears that the Academic Half Day and Curriculum links are the best combo. 
-The Academic Half Day shows everything in the One45 calendar that has a dot next to it (which is most events, but not necessarily all of the lectures). 
-The Curriculum link adds in those lectures that were missed by the Academic Half Day without duplicating anything. (*true at least for MS2016 schedules)

I would suggest not using the other two links:
-The Rotation link just shows what clerkship you're in under "All Day" events (unhelpful).
-The All-In-One just has way too much info, including a lot of things under "All Day" events.

This may seem simple to some but will hopefully save you time while trying to choose the best calendar URLs. Still have questions? Feel free to email SMRT or grab your friendly SMRT representative :-)


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