Monday, September 15, 2014

Bottom line: There are a handful of useful sites for browsing information online about residencies beyond what is provided by the programs themselves, but take them with a grain of salt.

Kudos to everyone who was able to sign in to MyERAS and submit their application before the website started looking like this -

For everyone else, while we're waiting anxiously to get applications submitted, you may want to check out these helpful review sites that have additional information about residencies. Many of these are reviewed by actual anonymous residents at the programs so they can give you a more realistic look at the programs you are interested in. Of course, you'll need to be cautious as most of them are basically unregulated forums that have no way of knowing if the reviewers actually go to the program. This is the internet, after all!

* Official *
FREIDA online - hopefully you have visited this website already. It is the only site with OFFICIAL information from residencies and includes valuable data like salaries, average work hours, contact information for program directors/coordinators, etc. This should be your first stop for most reliable and up to date info. (You need to log in to use this site, that's how official it is!)

* Not-so-official * - comprehensive review site by residents/rotating medical students, many many programs found in this database

AMSA's residency reviews - has fewer programs listed than scutwork, I recommend selecting the "All allopathic program reviews" to browse the available options instead of using the search bar

If you're into calculators, you can check out this one about chances of matching. Don't let it fool you, though, it's impossible to tell where they're getting their data from for making the calculator. You may be safer just looking at the official match data to check out your chances as a candidate.

Whatever you use, definitely make a strong effort to do your homework before applying and interviewing to a program, because this is the reality of our situation now:

Happy researching!

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