Monday, March 31, 2014

Bottom Line: Buying a smaller tablet for clerkships is NOT required; however, there are plenty of uses for a tablet if you're itching to get one!

More details: I've been asked quite a few questions regarding mini tablets and clerkships. After talking with older SMRT members, Dr. McGuire, and the One45 company, I've tried to put together some answers for you:

-What is this new system Dr. McGuire mentioned? The main change for the class of 2016 and beyond is the new system called One45. This is a browser-based system with mobile-enhanced components. This means it will work on ANY tablet/smartphone. We will mainly be using this system to enter patient encounter information, see grades, and complete evaluations. It can also be used as a concise calendar (showing your resident's and attending's calendars for that rotation) and for clerkship lotteries (but I'm not sure if UNM is taking advantage of these last two options quite yet). The obvious advantage of having a portable tablet is the ability to do these things immediately and on-the-go; however, you can also just make notes on paper and enter information later on a computer. If you'd like more information, I encourage you to check out their site at

-Does PowerChart work on a tablet? Yes, you can use PowerChart on a tablet. However, older SMRT members warn that it is not the most reliable, such that small internet interruptions can cause a note you've been writing to disappear. 

-How else are tablets used during clerkships? DynaMed, Epocrates, UpToDate, taking notes during lectures, e-textbook reference, etc. 

-Which tablet should I get if I want one? There are a lot of tablets that will fit in your white coat pocket (unless you want to sew a bigger one for your current tablet!). To give you an idea, my iPad mini in a hardy Otterbox case is about the biggest you can go and still fit in that pocket. Mini tablets include the Google Nexus 7, iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, and the Evga Tegra Note 7, among others (NOTE: I have NOT checked if all of these fit in your white coat!).

-If you are interested in buying a smaller tablet: Along with the usual stores, I encourage you to check out Groupon (, use Search at top). They have a bunch of good deals right now on the iPad mini, the Galaxy Note 8, the Galaxy Tab 3, and cases!

Hope this helps! If you have any questions, feel free to email!


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