Saturday, January 4, 2014

Bottom line: there’s no perfect way to figure out what score you’ll get on the Step 1 until you actually take the test, but there are several ways to get a ballpark idea of your score with these tips and tools.

We all know that going through lots of practice questions is a good way to study for Step 1, but it is confusing to try to figure out if you’re doing well. Will a 50% on the USMLEWorld question bank get you a passing score? What about the Kaplan QBank? After taking a look at the resources out there, I have distilled my top three sites for taking your grades on these question banks and correlating them with a possible Step 1 score.

1) Clinical Review:


        - This is my favorite as I felt it was quite accurate and allows you to visualize where your practice scores are on the normal distribution. So you can plot based on your latest Kaplan score, your latest USMLEWorld score, and any NBME practice tests you have taken. One note about this predictor that I found on other sites: to get an accurate prediction of your Step 1 score from the QBanks, take your score on the last 300 questions or so and average those percentages. That way if you have improved the prediction will reflect that. The one drawback is that this site uses Flash, so iPads will be unable to view it without a Flash-enabled web browser like Puffin.

2) Score Blog:

        - Although I did not rely on this one too heavily over time (and it is just a table), I found this extremely useful for telling myself if I have done well enough on a subject in the QBanks. This is because the table tells you, for instance, that getting 60% of the USMLEWorld questions right corresponds to a 228 on the Step 1. So when I was taking sets of questions and got a certain percentage, I could be confident in whether I was studying well for that topic if I got the percentage I wanted.

3) Med Friends:

        - This one is least accurate because they don't have as much data, but still a good site, especially for allowing you to enter in multiple values like the top site.

Happy studying!

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  1. USMLE consult has Qbanks for Steps 1 2 and 3 and has a choice for every practice exam whenther you wan to use FRED1 or FRED2 (the new interface for the step) and has almost three thousand questions!!

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