Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bottom Line If the HSC_Secure network doesn’t seem to be working on your Mac, try deleting your old password and network settings as described below.
SMRT recently teamed up with a few of the guys from the ETS (Educational Technology Services) to try to figure out why the class of 2016 was having problems watching certain curricular videos. While we unfortunately did not come up with a definite answer for certain problems, we found that students were unable to access the video from the HSC_Guest network. Some students then tried connecting to the HSC_Secure network, and a few using MacBooks were still unable to get the video to work.
The majority of the MacBook-toting students I saw that could not see the video on the HSC_Secure network were actually not connected to the network, even though it looked like they were. This is because they had some old settings that needed to be refreshed and is a quirk fairly specific to encrypted networks like HSC_Secure.
To get it working again, often you just need to delete two quick settings, refresh the connection, and log in. Here is how.

Make sure we’re talking about the same problem

If it keeps asking you your password over and over, this is probably not the problem. With this problem, it usually “looks” like you’ve connected, but you haven’t. The way I test is by going to a website that updates very frequently; I use either Facebook or Google News. If it loads, check again in a minute to see if it has changed. If so, you are connected properly and don’t need to be reading this article.

Double check your password

If it keeps prompting for your password, try going to Sharepoint and try to log in. If it’s already logged in, log out and back in. You should be using the same login and password (your HSC ID) for Sharepoint and the HSC_Secure network.

Deleting the network from network preferences

  1. Click the little “WiFi” icon in the top right and corner of your screen and “Open Network Preferences.” (Alternatively, use the Apple symbol in the top left, go to “System Preferences” and click “Network.” Same thing.)  
  2. Highlight “WiFi” in the left pane, and click “Advanced” in the bottom right. 
  3. In “Preferred Networks,” you’ll probably see a list of nearly every network you’ve ever connected to. Scroll until you find HSC_Secure. It may take a while to find, but assuming you’ve successfully connected to HSC_Secure in the past, it should be there.
  4. Single click HSC_Secure to highlight it, then click the minus “-” button below to delete your MacBook’s “memory” of that network.
  5. Click “OK.”
  6. Click “Apply.”
  7. Refresh the network connection by clicking your WiFi icon in the top right and choosing “Turn WiFi off,” wait a second, then turn it back on and choose HSC_Secure.
  8. Test your connection by going to Facebook, Google News, or some other always-on and always-different site.
  9. If this has fixed your problem, get back to studying.

Deleting your stored password

This is a very rare cause of issues, but if you’re still having problems connecting and you know you’re using the right password, you can try deleting your old stored password from the built-in Mac app that stores them, Keychain. To do so:
  1. Launch Keychain. I do this by using Spotlight: Either click the magnifying glass in the top right or just hit Command and Spacebar at the same time, and type “Keychain” in the box. Highlight “Keychain” (or Keychain Access) and hit return.
  2. In Keychain, highlight “All Items” in the box on the bottom left, then type in “HSC_Secure” in the search box.
  3. You should probably only have a couple of results in the main window. Highlight them, and Command Click (same as two-finger click or right click) to delete them.
  4. This will clear out stored passwords, so you’ll have to type in your password next time you log in.
Let us know if you’re still having trouble connecting to the HSC_Secure network after following these steps. You should (hopefully) be able to watch your curricular videos when connected to this network.
Best of luck!
Nathan Henrie, MSIV Students in Medicine for Resources in Technology


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