Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Short Version:  If you are having difficulty sending messages with your mobile device over the mobility server lately, you have to go to help.unm.edu and submit a help ticket to get your account re-synced.

Longer Version:   Hey everyone,  I have heard from multiple people over the last few weeks that they are having difficulties with sending messages from their groupwise account on their mobile devices.  I got in contact with the help desk and gave me the best two options you have at this point of getting it fixed and i think they should work.

1) Create a help ticket at the Help Desk.  From there, click on request and click New Request.
Next, you will have to choose Email Issues from under the HSLIC tab.
Finally, just put in N/A for the Floor and room.

When it asks you about your issue, state clearly that you are having issues with Mobility send errors and that you have been told you need to re-sync your account.  

This should solve any issues you have been experiencing.  

2) You can go to the help desk personally in HSLIC and they will re-sync right there for you.  It should take about 30 minutes to finish.

I hope this helps!



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