Thursday, April 25, 2013

Groupwise mail has a limited amount of space (which it will sometimes tell you when you run low), and there’s a simple way to eliminate the emails that are most clogging up your space. Here’s how!

Our goal is to track down the messages that take up the most space; you know, the massive spam emails with pictures of someone’s house that you’re not going to rent.

Rather than spend hours checking a zillion boxes to mark any dinky email for deletion, we want to sort the inbox by size. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a way to do that on the web-based Groupwise, so you need to download the desktop application here. Note that the application is sometimes very slow to respond, so be patient with it :)

After installing and opening Groupwise, put in your HSC ID and password into the login area. When your inbox shows up, right click on “Size”, then choose “Sort Descending.”

Make sure you’re scrolled up to the top, and you’ll see those villainously large emails.


Just select the ones you want to abolish and drag them to the trash. You’ll be surprised at how few emails you need to eliminate before you have plenty of your space left again. Be sure to empty the trash afterward!

Congratulations on reclaiming your mail space! Have fun, and don’t spam your friends :)


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  1. Good advice. I have yet to discover what the maximum file size Groupwise allows to be sent is on the servers, but it's huge; especially for the limited storage space.