Thursday, March 7, 2013

Just going to copy and paste the instructions that were emailed to us, so you'll have a sure place to find them:

Instructions for iPhone VPN:
Go to your "Settings"
Click "General"
Click "Network"
Click "VPN"
Add VPN Configuration
Select IPSec

**EDIT:  On second thought, it's probably best to keep these settings off of public space.  Please email to ask.
Description:  HSC-VPN
Server: Email to ask
Account:  Your HSCNetid username (Novell)
Password:  Your HSCNetid (Novell) password
Use Certificate: Off
Group Name:   Email to ask
Secret:  Email to ask
Proxy:  Off

After you've got it set up, you should be able to turn it on and off under "Settings."  Enjoy!

Don't forget, Matt set up a link that's a bit easier than remember the whole moss.unm thing.  Just go to "" (w/o quotes of course) and you will be automatically redirected to the right place!  Much easier to type in on a phone.

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