Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bottom line: Download the USMLE World iPhone / iPad / iTouch app [here].

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I hadn't noticed, but the rest of the SMRT crew pointed out that USMLE World now has a native iOS app, looks like they released it mid-December.  Figured it might be nice for some Shelf studying on-the-go.  I've tried it out briefly, and it seems to support all the basic World features pretty well -- tutor mode, number of questions, subject areas, etc.  You log in with your existing USMLE World credentials to incorporate your previous test data / statistics, and it syncs your mobile progress with the desktop application as well.  Overall, looks like a great mobile way to study for those Shelf exams or Step 2.  Let us know if you have any problems with setup or use!

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Update: They now have an Android app as well!  --n8henrie Thu Mar 22 18:07:53 MDT 2012

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