Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hopefully many of you saw our Facebook / Twitter post in late January regarding UpToDate access from home.  If not, the UNM Medical Group, Inc. has generous provided funding so that we can use this popular resource away from the hospital!

Wanted to make a quick post showing two ways to access it.  The first one is pretty simple, and you can do this from pretty much any computer with internet access.

  1. Search in Google: UNM HSLIC
  2. Click the first result, which should be:
  3. In the center of the screen, click the tab for "Databases" (don't be tempted to go to the UpToDate tab!"
  4. Under "Databases" click "U"
  5. Click UpToDate here will access UpToDate through the library proxy, which makes it work as if you were on campus.
  6. You will have to log in with either your HSC or NetID and password (either seems to work).

The second way will be a faster / more convenient way to access UTD from your personal computer or mobile device. Simply bookmark the libproxy address:

The method for making a bookmark will depend on what browser you're using, but there are pretty simple ways to do it on almost any device.  

Let us know if you need a hand!


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