Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bottom line: Forgive the irony and use this [link] to edit your UNM Listserve subscriptions and decrease some of your extra email.

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Most (all?) of us face a barrage of incoming email send to our Salud accounts on a daily basis.  Not all of this email seems is particularly relevant.  Most schools, UNM  included, use lists of email addresses (a "listserve") to send mass email announcements to certain groups of students.  Separate lists are used to make sure to target the right audience (e.g. separate lists for HSC students, main campus students, all students, etc.).  

I found today that you can manage your membership in some of these lists at this address: [].  You'll have to register an account with your Salud email, and it will then send an email to you with a link you need to click (to ensure you really own that email address).  Afterwards, you can return to the link and log in, click on "Subscriber's Corner," and follow the instructions to remove yourself from any of the lists from which you no longer wish to receive email.  Hopefully this will cut down on the amount of unwanted or irrelevant email.  Make sure you really don't want to get email pertinent to that listserve before you leave it, though!  Update: One strategy we recommend is to first try to determine what emails you're getting from which listserve by looking at the "to:" and "from:" addresses. Then, use this to selectively decide which lists to unsubscribe.  Keep in mind that some of the listserve administrators try to be very judicious about what emails they distribute, and you may miss out on important announcements if you unsubscribe haphazardly. --n8henrie Sat Mar 17 14:18:59 MDT 2012

Again, the steps:
  1. Go to
  2. Click "Get a LISTSERV password for this server" near the bottom
  3. Use your Salud email and create a password
  4. Check your email and click the link
  5. Go back to the link in #1 and log in
  6. Click "Subscriber's Corner" in the top left
  7. Check the boxes, select "Unsubscribe" in the dropdown menu, and "Submit"
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