Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hey Everyone,

For anyone who wants to check it out, below is the link to watch our block chair meeting.

Short summary:

We presented on everything that has happened at UNM that has led the iPad to be the perfect tool for taking advantage of all of the technological infrastructure already in place.  Namely, email, calendars, podcasts, and most importantly, sharepoint with quick access to PDF documents for each lecture in our curriculum.  Finally, we requested that those present would support us in incorporating the iPad into the SOM curriculum by supporting an iPad requirement for coming first year medical students.

The result: we are going to change the "Laptop requirement" and "Laptop funding" through financial aid to a "Technology requirement" and "Technology funding" with the request that everyone buy an iPad.  Our part is to support anyone and everyone with requests for help and advice.  The way we will do this is 1) create instructional videos and tutorials, 2) keep holding office hours and helping people in person, and 3) seek out and induct future SMRT members to carry on the tasks for future classes.

The link:

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