Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hey guys.
Thought I'd start a new little project.  I figured that us SMRT guys probably have the some of the most varied and up-to-date software exposure in the class, so I figured that kinda qualifies (and perhaps obliges?) us to provide some feedback on our experiences.
As such, I've made a spreadsheet with Google Docs and published it for public access.  Hopefully we'll keep a fairly complete list of software we love or at least think you should try.
SMRT Software Review
In other news, Sharepoint has been successfully remove from the firewall, so you no longer need VPN access to use the academic resources.  The URL has been changed, and is now: Sharepoint.
In other news, sometime soon SMRT would like to do a lunch where we very quickly give an overview of some (3) of the most helpful software we've run across, one for each of us SMRT guys.  If yall have any suggestions, let us know.

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