Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bottom line: SMRT now has its own section of Sharepoint that we'll use to compile helpful links and distribute material to the class.

Hey everyone,

SMRT is happy to announce that Chris Kiscaden has graciously given us access to our own little section on Sharepoint.  We would like to use this space in a unique way.  First, we intend to host links to the content we host offsite on our blog. Second, we want this to be somewhat of a linking hub for other sites that students use, grouped by class year. Finally, and most importantly, we are going to use this site to host updated lecture material for those times that a professor uses a more up to date version of a presentation than is currently available on the usual Sharepoint site. In these cases, the professor will give us (SMRT) access to the material through Dropbox, and we will host it on this Sharepoint site within minutes of the lecture starting so that you will all have the same presentation that the lecturer is using on your device.  

The big advantage that Sharepoint gives us over our blog / email / Facebook / etc., is that it is password protected.  This allows us to host curricular material that we might get in trouble for posting publicly on the web.  With that in mind, we also plan on compiling useful links for getting “official stuff” done, such as the OMI requirement, HIPAA training, research stuff, etc., organized by year.  While it will be wonderful to have a way to compile academic resources someday soon (like all of those “Look at this great site on embryology I found!” emails), we are planning on making that into a separate project.

This will be a living, growing endeavor, and we hope it’s helpful to the class.  Because this is a new project for us, we’ll need your feedback to make it as useful as possible.  Please don’t hesitate to email us regarding links that would be nice to have, or links that are no longer functional.  As always, we’ll get things fixed as quickly as possible.

Many thanks and Happy New Year,

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