Saturday, March 9, 2013

Update: I made a new writeup [here] that has an easier way for most users to get set up. --n8henrie Sat Nov 12 16:08:59 MST 2011

Bottom line: If you are a UNMSOM PowerChart user, watch [this] video to get PowerChart access set up on your mobile device.
Hello 3rd and 4th year students,
There seems to be lots of (justified) interest in getting set up to access PowerChart on mobile devices, especially since students were approved for remote (home) access to PowerChart a few months ago.  I thought it would be helpful to make a video outlining the basic steps to get set up and running.  I'll warn you that Citrix Receiver for iOS can be kinda quirky and since it updated very recently I don't know everything about how the new version works.  However, I have it running great on my iPhone, iPad, and Macbook, and I've seen it running just fine following essentially the same setup procedure on a few Android phones as well.  It looks like there are also BlackBerry and Windows Mobile Citrix apps that will likely follow similar setup.

First and foremost is keeping patient data secure, so some of the setup instructions on the video require you to log in to Sharepoint since we can't show the entire setup publicly.  Since our email is considered secure, and 4th years are less familiar with Sharepoint, I'll also include those instructions at the end of this email (although I think you still need to know your Sharepoint user / pass anyway to log in through Citrix).

As always, let us know if you have any problems.  While I've set up a good handful of people, I can't yet say that this is a fool-proof process, so your feedback will be very helpful in streamlining the whole ordeal.


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