Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bottom line: SMRTpoint has links to change your passwords, check if our stuff is going to your junk mail, don't play the BRF gym stereo too loud, 2012 has their own sheet in the shared rotations schedule, Transitions schedule for 2013 reminder.  Check the relevant bold headings below for details!

All classes: Getting our Powerchart logins today reminded me to change my NetID and Groupwise passwords.  To make things easier, I added "Password Change Links" to the Links section of SMRTpoint, which will hopefully make those q 6mo password changes less painful.

All classes: A few students have told us that emails sent from the SMRT Gmail address ( are going to a "junk mail" folder in their Groupwise email.  I don't have a "junk mail" folder listed in Groupwise, but if you do, please take 5m to let us know if you find any of our emails ending up there.  We'd like to know if this is a widespread problem so we can fix it.  

All classes: SMRT received a threat to remove the stereo we donated to the BRF (North Campus) gym because it was being played too loud, and the bass was disrupting experiments being held nearby.  Please be respectful and keep the volume at a low level, we'd really hate to get the stereo taken away.

2012: I know you guys haven't heard much about us, but we're going to try harder to keep you guys in mind; please email us if you have suggestions how we can improve the technology experience for 3rd and 4th years.  We've created a separate sheet in a shared Google spreadsheet so you can add your rotation schedule (totally optional) and see with whom you'll be sharing the next several months as 4th years.  This might be helpful for cross-referencing others' schedules if you need to do some trading around.  Also feel free to check out the 2013 rotations schedule on our sheet.  The link is in SMRTpoint, under Links -> "Links for Fourth Year Students" -> "2012 / 2013 Rotation Schedule".  (We're not linking directly to the spreadsheet help protect your privacy, since this post will be publicly viewable on our blog.)  I've also updated the dates, since the last ones were based off the 3rd year rotations.

2013: Just one final reminder that our Transitions calendar is working wonderfully for iPhones, Android, Laptops... you name it.  If it's not appearing on your device, you may not have gotten our previous emails regarding the changes in January.  To get back up and running, follow the instructions in SMRTpoint under Links -> "UNMSOM Calendars!" and... as always, let us know if you have any problems!

2014: Ummm... seems like our 2014 boys are taking pretty good care of you.  Let me know if they're misbehaving.  All I really had for you is the "all classes" stuff up top, so best of luck in CVPR!

See you soon, and sorry this was so long!
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