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Hello all,

  Congratulations on getting through the first few weeks of medical school. We hope you’re enjoying it, but we definitely know it’s challenging time. As you go along, you’ll be amazed at how much you adapt, and you will find that you become more efficient and productive in your studying and organizational skills.  On that note, we thought we'd send out an email to help people start getting set up with the google account and calendar. As we discussed during orientation, having an easy way to access your calendar and keeping it up to date can be a life saver in med school.  Unfortunately, we don't have all of the details worked out for the MS2014 curricular calendar (the calendar with all your classes) yet -- "technical difficulties."  But we're working on it, we haven't forgotten about you!

By setting up your Google calendar now you’ll be a step away from having the curricular calendar on there the minute we make it available. Also, you can right now add the SMRT administered UNM SOM events calendar and start populating your own personal events – the point is to have everything you need on one calendar that can be accessed from any digital device. 

This email will be a primer, covering a few of the basics you can use to get set up with a Google account to be able to access your calendars on the go, both from computers and your mobile devices.  The basic contents will be:
  1. Signing up for a Google Account
  2. Setting up Google Calendar
  3. Adding the SMRT Events Calendar (where we try to keep up on the events and free lunches)
  4. Using Google Sync to set up your iPhone/iTouch/Blackberry
  5. Notes for interest group officers and adding events to the Events Calendar
  6. Updates for SMRT 2014 candidates
Navigate to the section(s, if any) that apply to you below.  Note that there are several ways you can accomplish these tasks, but this one works well and is pretty simple.

This will be posted to the SMRT blog ( for future reference, since we understand that you might not have time or energy to go through it now.  If that's the case, please bookmark the blog address so you'll be able to find it at your convenience.  And as always, comments and questions are welcome.

See yall soon,
  Levi, Matt, and Nate

1. Sign up for a Google account (time est: 5-10 min)
Google provides a variety of free tools that have been invaluable to SMRT and many others in our 1st year of med school.  Google Docs is one of those tools, and I strongly recommend you check it out at -- It automatically saves everything almost instantly, you can continue your work from anywhere you can get on your Google account, you can collaborate on projects, and you can download or directly email your documents as Microsoft Word / Excel / Powerpoint documents.  We used it for almost all of our assignments during the first year.

Anyway, all you need to use it (and a variety of other free Google tools) is a Google account.  If you have a Gmail account, you're pretty much set.  If not, you don't have to use Gmail, although it's a good way to go, and you can easily import all your other email accounts.  To get an account, just go to and click "sign in" on the upper right hand corner.  Then, in the lower right, click "Create an account now." Follow the instructions and you're set -- if you have problems here, just email us and we'll give you a hand.  (NB:  If you want a gmail account, just go to and follow the setup instructions there.)

2. Set up your calendar (time est: 2 min)
Once you have a google account, just go to to get your calendar set up.  Just follow the instructions -- it's really easy.  Once you see a calendar with your username at the top right (in black), you're done.  You will automatically have a personal calendar that you can use to keep track of all the stuff you have going on -- this calendar will be able to wirelessly sync to your mobile devices if you complete the setup steps below.  I found this feature to be invaluable as things started getting more hectic during the year.

3. (time est: 1 min)
From your Google Calendar main screen, look for "Other Calendars" on the lower left side.  Click the button that says "Add," and select "Add by URL."  Copy and paste the following into the popup box:

Don't select the "public" checkbox, although it probably doesn't matter much.

You should now see "UNMSOM Events" under "other calendars."  You might check your calendar to look for events such as the "obesity and depression seminar" on 8/18, and a few others by scrolling through the weeks with the right and left arrow buttons by the date (towards the top middle of the screen).

4. Go mobile (time est: 15 min)
This is probably the trickiest part, but it's also the most helpful, as it gets your calendars to go to your mobile device.  Note that choosing to sync your contacts might give you double contacts on your iPhone / iPod Touch -- a small price to pay to have all of your contacts backed up in case of losing or replacing your device, and it gives you online access for when you run out of batteries and can't remember someone's number.  If you end up with multiple duplicates, you can go to and use the "find duplicates" tool (lower right) to merge them and get rid of the extras.

iPhone / iPod Touch:
  1. First, make sure you have the most recent software on your device by connecting to iTunes and updating if possible.  Or just try it and see if it works.  
  2. First, go to the "settings" app.  
  3. Scroll down and choose "mail, contacts, calendars."
  4. "Add Account..."
  5. Microsoft Exchange (not Gmail -- just trust me on this one)
  6. Email:  Your Google account email (either gmail or whatever email address you used to set up your google account)
  7. Domain: Leave blank
  8. Username: If you have a gmail address, just use the part before the @ (ex: would be just unmsom.smrt).  If you're using a different email address for your google account, use the full address (ex:fake@hotmail.comwould be
  9. Password: Your Google account password
  10. Description:  Whatever you want
  11. Click "Next" (should say "verifying" up top)
  12. After a minute, a box will come up for "server".  Put in:
  13. "Next"
  14. Turn Mail, contacts, and calendars all "On."  (You don't have to, but it can be very helpful.)
  15. IMPORTANT: BE SURE TO CLICK "KEEP ON MY IPHONE/IPOD TOUCH" FOR ANY POPUPS HERE.  Otherwise you could delete all your contacts.
  16. Click "Save" once all three are on.

Sweet, now the hard part is over.  Now, open Safari (on your mobile device) and go to and sign in with your google account.  You'll see a bunch of mobile apps you can use -- you may want to play with these later.  For now, scroll down and tap on "Sync."

Click on your device (should say iPod or iPhone).

Select the calendars you'd like to sync (your personal one will be selected by default, and click the UNMSOM EVENTS as well).

Tap "Save."

Phew, you're done!  Now you should be able to go into your native Calendar app on your mobile device, and it will automatically update and wirelessly sync your calendars!  You can also add events from your mobile device to your Google Calendar (make sure you add it to the Google one) and it will automatically sync back to your Google Calendar as well.

NB: Although we've set up a few, none of us SMRT guys have a Blackberry, so we're going from memory here.

  1. Go to "Browser"
  2. Go to
  3. Click on "Sync"
  4. Click "Install Now" (you might have to click "allow" at some point here)
  5. Find the Google Sync program you just downloaded in your "Applications" or "Downloads" folder.
  6. You'll have to put in your Google account login and password (again, user name is just your user name if gmail or full email address if not using gmail).
  7. Select options as follows:
  1. When to sync: automatic
  2. Check "Sync contacts"
  3. Check "Sync calendar"
  4. Events for next: 52 weeks
  5. Events for previous: 4 weeks
  6. Check "Synchronize reminders"
  7. Click where it says "Sync these calendars" (or just below)
  1. Select all the calendars you want to sync (at least your personal one under "my calendars" and the UNMSOM Events under "Other calendars")

  • Click the back button to get back to the Google Sync screen
  • Click the option button and Save (or it might be "sync now")

  • It should now start syncing everything.  You're set!

    We're currently working on a better solution on how to get events added to our UNMSOM EVENTS calendar.  As of right now, we manually add events that seem appropriate based on the emails we get.  If you are hosting an open invitation event or anything appropriate that you want added, please email us ( or to let us know.  It is VERY helpful to us if the emails are in the following format (Examples in parenthesis):

    Group: Group affiliation, if any (SMRT)
    What: Title as you'd like it to appear in the calendar (Awesome lunch with nerd talk)
    When: Date and time, please include end time if possible (8/22 12p-1p)
    Where: Specific location if applicable (BMSB 203)
    Description: Any applicable notes and contact info (Come hungry, we're going to have pizza AGAIN!!  Info:

    If you're an officer in a group, please designate somebody to send us an email in this format to get events on the calendar so that we don't end up swamped with forwarded event info from the whole class. Please and thank you.

    SMRT will be back on campus in mid September, at which point we will contact the individuals that have expressed interest in representing the class of 2014.  We'll set up a time and place to meet and chat with you individually at that time.  It will likely take us a couple of weeks to meet with everyone, after which we'll announce which 3 will be the newest SMRT members.

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