Friday, March 8, 2013

Hi Everyone,
It was really great seeing you all today.  We had fun talking to you and hope you got something out of it.  Below is a summary of some things we went over today.  Make sure to keep up on our website for more videos and tech updates (
Who are we?
    -A group of 3 students per class that started two years ago.  We help our fellow students out with technological problems and try to come up with ways to better any and every aspect of our education with technology.

What we've done and are doing
    - Worked with ETS to get the curricular calendar in .ics format, developed the SMRT Events calendar, helped setup the podcast source for lectures, Set up an annual tech survey of med students to gauge how we are using technology, set up a system to update lectures real-time on sharepoint using dropbox, Donated a new stereo to the BRF Gym, Tons of individual and class wide problem solving, And we are currently working on instructional videos for the iPad.

How the iPad can be used with our curriculum:
    -Online test taking: using questionmark on the iPad to take formative and summative exams.  Downloading and setting up the app is demonstrated on our intro video.  You can find it on our website (
    -Lecture Capture: the iPad can be used to listen to lecture capture podcasts on their own, or while going over the lecture pdf files using goodreader
    -Calendars: The curricular and events calendars.  You can set these up by following the instructions in our intro video which can be found on our website (
    -Sharepoint: best utilized with GoodReader currently.  Alternatively, iAnnotate PDF can be used, but it's integration with Sharepoint is currently flawed.  GoodReader is $5 and iAnnotate is $10.  With Goodreader, it is possible to directly download a week's worth of lectures straight to your iPad, annotate them, and upload them, with annotations to your Dropbox account to be accessed anywhere by any device with an internet connection.
Other really cool stuff we use on the iPad:
    -Epocrates (drug reference), Micromedex (drug reference), Dynamed.  Dynamed is an online database that HSLIC provides for us that you can actually download directly to your iPad, iPhone, android phone, or blackberry to a native application and you can access all the info offline. (You can find the instructions for doing this online on our website ( ).
    -Kaplan Qbank.  You can download the Kaplan USMLE step 1 qbank app right now, but you wont be able to access the questions until the SOM gets you access to them.
    -Flashcards- We like a program called Mnemosyne. ( )  You can use this program on a windows or mac computer to create your own flash cards.  We have a database of flashcards created for your Neuro and CVPR blocks, but not for HSF&D or G&N blocks yet.  We hope that SMRT 2015 can help us with that.  We will be rolling out our flashcards program once you all start Neuro.  In order to use the flashcards on your iPad, you need to download an app called iSRS HD and use iSRS sync to get the cards onto your iPad.  A video showing how to do that will be made before Neuro, but if you are adventurous, the sync apps are available here: (Windows: ) (Mac: )
Why we like the iPad for our med school?
    -Currently, no other platform (android or tablet pc) has pdf annotation apps that include all of the functionality that goodreader or iAnnotate have or in a seamless way that GoodReader does.  Also, the iPad learning curve is very small.  We believe that getting to know the iPad now, as med students is beneficial, because it seems that it is the tablet of choice for medicine.  The number of apps out right now for the iPad is almost 100x that for the Android tablets.  In medicine specifically, very large numbers of physicians who carry smartphones or tablets carry an iPhone or iPad.  In fact, in one survey of 550,000 providers, 90% of those that had a smartphone or tablet had an iPhone or iPad.  This means medical apps will come to iOS first.  The future is very exciting.  There are new tools that will integrate with the iPad announced or thought up every day.  There are holter monitors for cardiac events, BP cuffs, insulin readers, you name it coming to these devices.  One that we are particularly excited about is a possible ulstrasound probe that is slated to be released for the iPad in the future and the idea is that if this becomes cheap and widespread, it could replace the stethescope for a physician carrying a tablet.  We are very excited about this device and think it is the best choice for a tablet at our medical school.
Our pledge:
    -To provide support to the best of our ability to any of you.  We hold weekly office hours when we are in town (starting mid-August on our return from PIE).  We are always available via email, and everything we do is on our website ( if you haven't gotten it yet).
We want three members of your class to become SMRT 2015.  During HSF&D, we will send out an email to the class inviting you to set up an appointment for an interview.  We select only 3 people, but you don't have to have a computer science degree to get in.  We just want people who are excited about technology, and like helping people out with it.
Finally, again, this was not an advertisement for Apple or the iPad.  We just think it is the best fit for our medical school.  There are other devices that can do most of the same things that we have covered and we can help you out with them if you decide to buy something else as well.  In fact, if you have innovative ways of using another device, let us know, we'd love to have the info.
Again, it was great to see you all today and I hope Orientation/Public Health goes well for you.



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