Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bottom line: You can now get to Sharepoint from the link at

Hi all,

We've been working with the school for quite a while to make accessing Sharepoint a bit easier.  The problem is that it's tough to memorize the long URL (I haven't even tried), and it doesn't come up in Google.  I could be wrong here, but if it is indexed in Google, it's far enough down in the results to be difficult to find.

That's why we added a link to the SMRT blog.  We noticed that it gets used a lot -- which is great!  That's why we put it there.

As another option, Rob L. added Sharepoint to the links at MEDS today.  From now on, all you have to remember is "" (or even Google "unm meds"), and there on the left side you have a very convenient "SharePoint" link.  Nice!

Thanks Rob,




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