Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bottom line: Use the link below to schedule a practice Step 1 at the Prometric testing site.

Hey guys,

I (and other students) have found it difficult to find information on taking a practice exam at the Prometric center.  Unfortunately, they're not very helpful (at all) if you call them.

Anyone that has registered to take the USMLE has the chance to take a practice exam at the center.  The link to get started is below.

You need your scheduling number and CIN (on your scheduling permit I think), fill them in at the bottom.  Again, I haven't actually taken my practice session yet, so I hope I'm not leading anybody astray, but this seems right.  It takes a couple of days, but they send you a practice session scheduling permit, just like the real thing.

Good luck, bookworms!

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