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UPDATE: We highly recommend using the new HSC Mobility server, which offers several advantages over the IMAP setup outlined below.  Instructions to get started with the mobility setup are available [here]. --n8henrie Tue Nov 15 21:12:53 MST 2011

Hi everyone,

I've had a bunch of friends recently have me help them set up Groupwise email on their Android phones.  My understanding is that HSLIC has a Android app that they like to use, but I prefer to set it up directly on the phone.  Unforunately, one of the problems of the Android operating system is that there are small differences phone-to-phone, but here is the general idea.  And don't worry, all of this information is publicly available, so I'm not spilling any secrets that could compromise patient data.

Essentially, you need to find the "add email account" button.  Sometimes it's under "settings," sometimes it's under "add account" under settings.  Sometimes there are separate "add account" and "add email account" buttons.

Once you've found the right button, you'll probably need to name the account ("Groupwise" or "Salud" or something), and look for a button that says something like "manual setup."

Once there, you need to set the following.

Account type: IMAP (not POP3 or Exchange)

Incoming server:

Username: Your groupwise username (without the

Password: Your groupwise password

Check "Use SSL" but don't mess with the port settings / numbers.

Outgoing server:

Username: Your NetID username (check by logging in at

Password: Your NetID password (check by logging in at

Check "Use SSL" but don't mess with the port settings / numbers.

You'll also note that there is some "accept certificates" stuff with the SSL settings.  Unfortunately, I've had luck on some phones checking the "accept certificate" and on others leaving it unchecked, so you might just have to try both and see what works.  When you get everything set up, try sending yourself a test email and make sure it sends and is received okay.  Because UNM uses separate servers for incoming and outgoing, it's possible to have it set up so you can send but not receive and vice versa.

Finally, make sure that you set a passcode lock on your device to ensure that everything is kept secure, and please note that you'll need to delete this email account once you start your clinical rotations at UNMH (3rd year), since the hospital has not approved mobile devices for receiving email that may have patient data (except Blackberry, which has been deemed sufficiently secure).

As always, for any questions just email or visit us during Office Hours!

See yall soon,


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