Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bottom line: Updated Mac computer PowerChart access instructions.

Hi Ya'll!
On and off-campus PowerChart access on a Mac is quick and easy!  There are two ways to access it.

Off Campus:
First Way:
1. Download "Citrix Receiver" directly from Citrix.
2. Click on the Settings button at the top of the application when it opens.
3. Choose "Accounts"
4. Click the + button on the left to add an account.
5. Use as the URL.
6. It will prompt you to enter your HSC (i.e. Groupwise) username and password.  In front of your username, type health\
7. The + button should appear on the left side of the screen.  Click here then choose which apps you would like on your home page.
8. From now on you just have to open the Citrix app and then click on the PowerChart icon that you added to your homepage.

Second Way:
1. Download "Citrix Receiver" directly from Citrix.
2. Access the UNMH Intranet from the UNMH homepage, under the heading For UNMH Employees, then the link on the left-side of the page Cerner Millenium Applications.  This will prompt you to log in to the Gateway.
3. Log in to the gateway with your HSC (i.e. Groupwise) password.
4. Click on the PowerChart link and Citrix will open automatically (some browsers, e.g. Chrome, may not open Citrix automatically, but instead a Launch file -- clicking on this file should open PowerChart).
5. The next time you want to access PowerChart, just go straight to the second step.

Let us know if you are having issues!

Have a good one!

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  1. Hey Ane!

    Just finished up the HIPPA credentials and I was wondering if the citrix/powerschart program we download is encrypted? If not, can you add on what steps to encrypt the program?

    I would REALLY appreciate a how-to on encryption of mobile devices (specifically phone and USB jump drives).

  2. Hi Barbara,

    Thanks for the comment! I'll try to answer as best I can.

    The Citrix program and powerchart software itself aren't "encrypted" technically. However, the server that we connect to in order to access powerchart via Citrix sends the data through an HTTPS (or secure) connection. That means that while the data is moving between the server and your tablet or laptop, all of that is encrypted. There is no way for someone to get into your powerchart account without your password if you are careful and take reasonable precautions. Of course, when you do the Citrix training through learningcentral, you agree to put a secure password on your device. Depending on what you are using, there are ways to make sure your password is very secure. Make sure to avoid any facial recognition or pattern based passwords.

    As far as encrypting a device or USB key goes, there are options to do both depending on what device you are using and what you want to accomplish with the USB key. I'd say if you have data you want to protect on a USB key it would be easier to encrypt the data through software and place it on an unencrypted USB as needed rather than encrypting the whole drive but that might not be the case depending on your needs.

    If you're worried about protecting patient data, I don't think it will be an issue as you won't need to take any PHI home with you via a USB drive. You can be sure you're protecting patients PHI by only using salud email to communicate about it and protecting your powerchart login sessions.

    I hope that cleared a few things up but we'd be happy to help you if you had a particular project in mind for an encrypted drive or other concerns about your phone or tablet!