Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hey guys.

Path lab stuff:
Trying something new here, so I hope the format of this email turns out okay.  Just a couple things.

Made a much smaller version of the path labs powerpoint, for those that have been having trouble accessing it.  I uploaded it to Google Docs, where you can view and download it.  The link is:

Just a reminder, we need as many people as possible to test out of the Questionmark testing system tomorrow.  Unfortunately, I'm unavailable at the new time (1:00), but as far as I know there will still be food.

Today there was a mention of "Refworks," a reference manager.  It's found at:

Some information on signing up can be found at:

The .pdf above says that you have to do it from on campus, but I just did it from home with no problems(?).  You'll have to use your salud account as the email.  The instructions (in the .pdf) seem fairly easy to follow, but if anyone has problems just let us know.

Again, this will be stored at the blog ( so you can find it when you find time someday.

Good luck studying!

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