Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hey guys,

Since we're studying nutrition, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite resources.  I doubt that these will be academically useful, but likely personally and clinically useful for patients.
Class of 2014 -- I'm adding you to this for kicks, maybe someone will find it helpful.  If not, you know what to do.

NutritionData is an absolutely superb resource for learning about the composition of the foods we eat.  I've used it for years and haven't found anything better.  Very easy to see data for different serving sizes, and you can even get very detailed and look up the component fatty acid ratios, obscure micronutrients, and individual amino acid amounts.  Also has a cool "nutrient search tool" where you can search for "foods that are high in X" and "low in Y" per 100g or 100 kcal.  Very cool, I recommend you bookmark it.

Also, FitDay is a great resource for anyone looking to keep track of their diet and exercise.  You can log your foods, weight, exercise, (mood, other stuff?), and track your progress over time.

Lose It! seems to be a pretty good iPhone / iPod Touch app for tracking diet / exercise, I like it so far.

ExRx is one of the best sites in existence for resistance exercise form and execution.

Finally, for anyone interested in monitoring their intake, you can get a digital postage scale from Wally World for under $15 that is invaluable.  Log your food for a few days and you'll be surprised at how much you eat.  I recommend one that's accurate to the gram and has at least a 2-3 lb max capacity, so you can tare it with a plate on it and then add food without maxing it out.

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