Saturday, March 9, 2013

This is an excellent video put out by the NCBI on how to use the new advanced search engine (MeSH terms and whatnot).  It's less than 3 minutes long and really shows a quick and simple ways to construct effective PubMed searches.
I can't overemphasize how helpful this skill has been during Phase II; being able to efficiently scour the literature for relative papers can really make you an asset to the team.  It's a skill that I strongly recommend Phase I students to master  before you start your clinical rotations.
As a note of interest, the MeSH term database was just updated (this week?) with the new 2011 terms.

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  1. Another great resource for advanced web searching is Google Power Search by Stephan Spencer (O'Reilly). Demonstrates how to filter search results by file type, limit search terms to web-page attributes (title, text) etc..