Friday, March 8, 2013

Hi everyone,

I've found audio lectures to be a great way to fit in a few minutes of "studying" during an evening walk or while commuting back and forth from the VA.  For anyone that has found our UNMSOM Lecture Podcast or Goljan Audio to be a helpful tool, Carl Bryce recently pointed out that HSLIC has a number of audio lectures available from  If you go to the HSLIC website and search for keyword "audio-digest," you'll see that we have many episodes (329 total, to be exact) available for the following topics:

Emergency Medicine
Family Practice
General Surgery
Internal Medicine
"Special Topics"

If you click on one of the topics, you'll find instructions on how to download the audio files.  It involves logging into a website (via a link and username / password that is provided for you), browsing to an episode of interest, then you can right click "Complete Program" and "save file as" to download the .mp3 file, which you can put on your phone or iPod or what have you.  Looks like most episodes are nearly a full hour long, and cover recent research and hot topics in each field.  Please note that HSLIC says you have to be on UNM campus for this to work (just like UpToDate), although you may find that using the VPN is sufficient to establish yourself as a UNMSOM student.

While this may not be super useful for 2014 yet, I hope this helps 2013 as we start rotations and 2012 in Step 2 preparation.  Good luck everyone!  And many thanks to Carl Bryce for sending us this tip.  Excellent!



Students in Medicine for Resources in Technology!/unmsomsmrt


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