Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ok, this is just for fun, for those of you writing notes on iDevices. I've noticed lately that a good number of the emoticons in Apple's hidden icon library have medical applications (e.g. an emoticon of a pill, a hospital, a syringe). They can be used on your iPad/iPhone to mark up your class notes, for flash cards, or to create quick glance patient note templates. I like to use them within the Noteshelf app.

To activate the emoticon keyboard, try this first:

Go to Settings --> General --> Add New Keyboard -->Emoji

If you don't see "Emoji" as a keyboard option, you'll need to download "Emoji Free" from the app store. All this app does is make sure you have Apple's built-in "Emoji" keyboard on your keyboard list. You'll never have to open the actual app more than once. After installing "Emoji Free", go ahead and follow the above instructions in your Settings. 

When you're done you should see a globe key added to your keyboard which will provide you with icons to add to your text. Note that these will only be visible on apple devices (even ones without Emoji Free installed), so if you insert them in an email to someone on a laptop PC they won't be visible.



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