Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring. It's a time when the new year sets in and technology rumors run wild. The consumer electronic show (CES) has happened and everyone is waiting to see what is going to make it to the tech market in the coming months. It is an exciting time, but it can also be frustrating to want/need to make a tech purchase. This is especially the case with those of us who are of the Mac persuasion. Apple is famously tight with their product announcements and has very solid product cycles that allow you to predict when upgrades will be announced, but it is impossible to predict reliably what those updates will be. What makes this time very tough with apple is that usually, nothing is brand new and safe to buy. iPods came out last September, we don't expect an iPhone upgrade until the summer, and laptop upgrades are lurking around any corner. To help us all in this predicament, a website called macrumors keeps an up-to-date buyers guide. Just go to and click buyers guide. Alternatively, click here: If you have recently bought an apple product, don't fret. You still got an excellent product. It just might be less awesome in a couple months compared to whatever "one more thing" apple announces at their next event. (note: "one more thing" refers to apple's quirk of saving a big announcement for the last part of a media event with Steve Jobs or whoever is doing the keynote speaks the words "one more thing" and then rocks the world of all us who daily abuse the devices we love so much) David/SMRT


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