Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hey Everyone!

I would like to highlight why it is a great time to update your GoodReader app.  The most recent GoodReader update makes taking notes even more efficient and comfortable.  

GoodReader 3.14.0 for your iPad now offers a handy handwriting zoom window so that you can view the entire slide while taking legible, normal-sized notes.  This means a few things for your note-taking: you do not have to bother zooming in each time you decide to take freehand notes; the zoom window moves along automatically so that you do not have to adjust the screen forward as you are writing; and your notes will be straighter as opposed to perpetually tilted like mine.  You can adjust the size of the zoom window in the same way you zoom in on an image (with two fingers coming closer or moving further apart) so that your notes are smaller or larger.

Along the same lines, there is also now an adjustable palm rest so that when you are taking freehand notes you are not constantly making marks all over the screen with your big hands.  You can use the handwriting zoom window and the palm rest simultaneously or separately.

Finally, there is now an option to move between slides without first having to save your recent annotations.  Instead of selecting freehand, making notes, saving them, moving to the next slide, then starting this process all over again you can simply select freehand then start writing!  GoodReader will save your notes between each slide.  This is also true for highlighting, underlining, etc.

Head to the App Store on your iPad and download the new version of Goodreader (but do not forget to backup your work first, just in case!).

Happy St. Patrick's Day!




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