Friday, March 8, 2013

Bottom line: Get the upgraded ($159) version of Epocrates free as a medical student here [link], first 2 weeks of August only.

Hey everyone,
Almost every year Epocrates has a special deal where you can get their (normally expensive) upgraded version for free as a medical student.  They only run the deal for a few weeks, so hurry and check it out!  It's available for a ton of different devices (iOS, Palm, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile) so hopefully this will be a deal that almost everyone can cash in on.  Here's a [link] to compare the features of the free Epocrates vs Essentials, if you're interested.

You'll need to choose UNM as your school and sign up for an Epocrates account.  I didn't have to add any credit card information or anything, and I chose to turn off "auto-renew" in my settings to make sure nothing happens when the free year runs out.

Let us know if you need any assistance getting set up, we're happy to help!

Students in Medicine for Resources in Technology!/unmsomsmrt


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