Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hey everyone,
If you have an iPhone/iPod/iPad, you can download lecture capture podcasts straight to your device automatically when they are available with this $2 app. Instructions are below:
1) Download the podcaster app from the app store for $1.99 (sorry, I wish it was free)
2) Go to MEDs on your device (>
3) Tap the block for which you want the podcast.
4) Tap and hold the "Add Podcast to iTunes" link and tap "Copy."
5) Go into the podcaster app and tap on the Directory button on the bottom, tap the import button.
6) In the box that says "Enter feed url or OPML url," delete the "http://" text and paste your podcast URL.
Now you are subscribed to that podcast on your device.  You can stream any of the podcasts without downloading them, but you will not be able to speed them up when streaming.  If you download the podcasts completely, you will be able to speed the podcast up to 2X. If you have not downloaded a podcast and wish to, you just need to tap on the desired podcast and tap the download button in the bottom left corner of the screen.
This is a really convenient tool to use and it is well worth the $2 if you want to have the lecture podcasts downloaded automatically to your iPhone, iPod, or iPad without needing to sync it with your computer.  As always, email us or ask us in class if you have any questions!


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