Saturday, March 9, 2013

If you're in phase 1, you may not have use for this yet unless your continuity clinic preceptor practices at UNM hospital and they have a irregular schedule -- in which case you probably use amion all the time and you will certainly want to keep reading.

If you're in phase 2 or 3 and like doing things on your Android or iPhone (and saving time!), this blog title alone has probably has you interested.

Amion for mobile devices, now available, here's the link:

Hints/Instructions for iPhone: (and possibly relevant for the Android version)

- The app will ask you if you are a provider or "other". Click other and it will give you the chance to select "Medical Student". The app will ask you to verify your identity via Doximity. I don't know if this is a hard requirement, because when I tried it I already had a Doximity account (Doximity is a free professional network for medical profesionals). You can sign up for Doximity for free and then continue with the app setup, or see what happens without Doximity and let me know so I can update these instructions.

- The password to access UNM's schedule is the same for If you don't know it, go to (using your HSC login) and l've put the password in the announcements.

- To follow a physician, add their service (e.g. "Pediatric GPU") under settings and tools (I believe the first time you use the app it will prompt you to select a medical service without going to settings, but to add more services you go "Settings and Tools" and select "Manage Accounts"). Once the service has been added you can go to "My Calendars" and add a "Schedule" (top right) to follow, such as your continuity clinic preceptor's schedule. You can also go to "Who's On Call" to just see everyone available for whatever service you're following.

- The calendar is very easy to use, but I realize (from my explanation above) that the setup (which docs you want to follow) can get a little confusing, so hopefully I or another SMRT member can post a video soon.

Let me know how this works on your Android, and I can post additional instructions. (This blog entry is a work in progress!)


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