Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hey 2014,
As you have probably noticed, lecture capture for this last week of immunology is quite a bit different from the usual.  Apparently there was an issue with the server and they did not capture correctly.  Luckily, Chris Kiscaden salvaged them (video only, no podcasts) for us.  Unfortunately, you can only access them at school or with a VPN connection.  So, if you plan on  using the lecture capture option at home, you are going to have to follow some instructions (most of which are recycled from SMRT's previous work on VPN, thanks 2013) on getting your VPN set up. SO, here they are:
If you have a mac running Snow Leopard, follow this link:  Sorry, we had to take down that video d/t security concerns.  --n8henrie Sat Jun 25 13:21:45 MDT 2011.  If you have a Windows machine or a Mac running anything older than Snow Leopard, here are your instructions.  

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  1. Click the link above.  
  2. Input your Groupwise information.
  3. Download the appropriate VPN client. (Most of you will be running the 64 bit windows version or Mac.  If you have questions about this, email us)
  4. Download the "New VPN Profile" from the same page (right click and select "save as" or "save file" or "Download linked file as" and save to somewhere you can find it easily).
  5. Run the VPN client program, click "Import," and select the "New VPN Profile" you downloaded in step 4 (after everything is done, you can delete the VPN profile).
  6. It will now prompt you for your Groupwise login information
Hopefully, at this point the bottom of the VPN client program will say "Connected to HSC-Network." if not, restart your computer and run the VPN client again and click connect.
  1. In the VPN client program, right click "HSC-Network..." under the "Connection Entry" section, and select the "Set as Default..." option.
  2. Finally, click the connect button whenever you need access and go access MEDS.  When you are done, make sure to disconnect or all of your internet traffic will be running through the HSC internet.
I hope that wasn't too painful.  If you have any problems, email us.


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