Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bottom line: Click here (and bookmark it) to add money to your ID to make it easy to buy food at the hospital cafeteria, since they don't take plastic.

Hi everyone,
The hospital cafeteria is by far the most affordable on-site food option for North Campus students... and you'll likely eat there quite a bit during 3rd year.  Unfortunately, they do not accept cards, and I hate getting slapped with a $2.50 ATM fee to buy a $5 meal (so I switched to a card that reimburses me for fees).  A better alternative is to add money to your HSC ID!  You can transfer money from number of sources, then use your ID to pay for your food.  This is way better than having to go to the ATM if you forget cash!

PS.  Shout out to Megan Kuhn for the link.  It's been added to the 3rd year links section of SMRTpoint.  Whenever you guys find a link that it would be nice for SMRT to bookmark in SMRTpoint, please shoot us an email about it!  For the moment, we're mainly concerned with housekeeping / nonacademic stuff, so we probably won't post a link in SMRTpoint to the awesome Path website you found, but we'd be happy to post a link to a form you need for PIE.  Make sense?  Also, if you find a link on SMRTpoint that doesn't work anymore, please let us know.


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