Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bottom Line: Input your schedule into the "2013 Rotation Schedule" spreadsheet (link in email or in "Links for Third Year Students" in SMRTpoint) to see the friends with whom you'll get to share each block; privacy details below.

Hi everyone,

If you haven't noticed, our 3rd year rotations are up!  (See the email from Sarah Martinez, check in MDWeb under "schedule and grades").

I thought it would be nice to have an easy way to see who all shares what rotations, so I created a GDocs spreadsheet which you can access here (link in email or in "Links for Third Year Students" in SMRTpoint).  Please note that it is set to be viewable and editable by "anyone with the link."  This means 2 things: first, please don't share the link with others outside of the SOM.  While we can see who changes what and restore the data from previous versions if it gets messed up, this is a pain.  Second, if you're terribly paranoid about someone finding out your rotation schedule, there is a small but not negligible chance that someone may inadvertently share this link in an unsecured manner to the world.  If this were to happen and be discovered, we would change the link immediately, but your schedule may already have been seen or copied.

For this reason, I will not post the link to the blog or other publicly viewable pages; you will only be able to get the link from this email and from the "Links for Third Year Students" section of SMRTpoint (SMRT's tab in Sharepoint -- please be aware that while this email is only being sent to 2013, SMRTpoint is available to all SOM students).  As you should know by now, both of these are password secured resources and unavailable to the general public.

That said, I doubt that either hypothetical situation is a major concern, and I don't much care if people know my rotation schedule (especially since our schedule has been publicly available for the last 2 years anyway).  If you feel similarly, it would be fun and interesting for this mini-project to get good participation rates for 2013 so we can compare things easily.  One way you could use it, for example, is to right click a given column and click "sort" by that row.  That will group everyone whose rotation is the same for that block and make it easy to see who is with who.  Whom.  Whatever.

Let us know if you have comments or questions!

PS  See yall next week!


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